2017 Impact Awardees Honored

June 15, 2017

On May 30, 2017, several Lebanon Community School District employees received impact awards from their respective associations. Congratulations to these amazing educators on their well-deserved recognition for their dedication to our students!


Gayann Jackson, Title I Instructional Assistant Leader at Riverview School
Gayann started with the District as a volunteer, and now has been working for 34 years between Green Acres School and Riverview School. She serves on the PBIS, Leadership, and Hospitality teams at Riverview, along with decorating the staff table monthly to bring a smile to her colleagues. Gayann frequently works late on projects and attends training on her own time to hone her craft, along with volunteering at every school event.

Tami Ainsworth, Instructional Assistant Leader at Lacomb School
Tami has been with the District since 1998. She currently runs the homework club at Lacomb, and frequently seeks additional training outside of her hours. She is extremely involved with the youth in our community, serving as a leader for 4-H, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, along with being a water aerobics instructor.

Mary Boykin, Special Education Instructional Assistant at Cascades School
Mary began her career with the District as a school assistant in 2002. She organizes events for the school and serves on the Hospitality committee. She works tirelessly for the students she serves, and greets staff and students each morning. She is always putting others’ needs ahead of her own.

Becky Thompson, Media Assistant at Lebanon High School
Becky has been with the District since 2006. She is always there for students. She provides snacks and supplies out of her own pocket when a student is in need. She bonds with the students. Becky frequently attends non-school related events to support students, and on many occasions she has had students come back long after they graduated to invite her to special events occurring in their adult lives. She has been a positive role model that students confide in during their sometimes difficult teenage years.

Sheryl Tyman, Special Education Instructional Assistant at Hamilton Creek School
Sheryl has been with the District since 2003. She is described as a task whisperer, with a special talent for getting students back on track quickly. When a student is not picked up after school, Sheryl is always with them assuring them they have not been forgotten. She will take her own break or lunch time to talk to a student in need. She always treats students with love, guidance, and support.


Kevin Wong, Choir Director at Lebanon High School
Heidi Etter, Band Director at Lebanon High School
Kevin Wong and Heidi Etter are two incredibly dedicated professionals who not only execute their own programs with thoughtful intelligence and precision, but also are so well aligned that either one can stand in for other at the drop of a hat. Kevin and Heidi are dedicated to their respective professions like parents are to their newborn babies; they are passionate about student success. Getting up at O-Dark 30 to be at school for zero period, staying up late at night for rehearsals and performances, and giving up weekends as well as vacations to fundraise, host events, and travel to events – Kevin and Heidi exemplify the definition of what it means to impact students and contribute directly to their success. Kevin Wong and Heidi Etter model hard work, dedication, and passion as well as the love of music.

Jerol Selby, Math Teacher at Lebanon High School
Awarded Posthumously
When asked, students and colleagues validated the impact that Jerol made with his consistent efforts and generosity. He was passionate about his work, helping students find success both at school and in life. He was far more concerned about the people in his class than the subject he taught. Jerol gave students who struggled hope that they could succeed. He gave students who had found success a reason to try and excel further. He gave students who truly excelled a meaningful challenge for their talents. Several students over the years report that they would not have graduated without Mr. Selby’s help. He was well ahead of the curve on career and technical education, especially on accountability for poor attendance. Mr. Selby was the model for differentiation- meeting students where they are and helping them to find different ways to understand challenging and frequently abstract concepts. Students who struggled the most could count on his creativity and ingenuity for another, more successful approach. He is unforgettable to his students, his colleagues, and the District, and his impact was certainly felt by all that worked with him.

LEA Impact Awards 2017