Canvas Virtual Parent Forums

September 1, 2020

Dear Lebanon Community School District families,

We hope you are excited about school starting on September 8th! In order to provide a consistent and rigorous learning experience we have adopted a new learning management system called Canvas.  

Canvas is the platform for how students and families will access daily learning. It will be their online classroom.

We know you might be feeling some anxiety around how  distance learning is going to work. So, to give you the opportunity to experience Canvas first hand, we’ve created four grade level training courses that you will be able to experience before school begins.  We’ve created courses for: Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School.

Each student/parent Canvas training course will be made available on Monday, August 31st.

On Monday we will be sending out links to access the Student/Parent Canvas Training Courses via School Messenger, Facebook, and will feature it prominently on the district website.

The courses are online and self-paced so that you and your student can do it together. The course will give you an overview of the main features of Canvas that you may use at each level. 

The goal of each course is to give you and your students the confidence to log into and use Canvas for their learning on Day 01 of the school year. Our expectations are that each student and parent/family will have completed their leveled course before September 8th. 

To help you access and complete the course, we have staff members at each school available between September 1st – 4th who you can meet with as a family at the school to walk through it together.  If you anticipate needing this assistance, please contact your school office as soon as possible to arrange that appointment.

For accessing the Canvas Virtual Parent Forums, please click the links below for the time and date you wish to attend:

September 1, 2020  5:00 – 6:00pm – English

September 2, 2020  5:00 – 6:00pm – English

September 3, 2020  5:00 – 6:00pm – Spanish