New CDC/OHA Guidance for K-12 Students

July 28, 2021
Here is an important update regarding face coverings while using school district facilities:


Indoors: Yesterday, the Oregon Health Authority reinitiated face masking guidance in public places, including schools, regardless of vaccination status. (See the full statement from OHA here:…/ORDHS/bulletins/2ea4ad0.) Effective immediately, all employees, students, and visitors must return to wearing a face masks indoors. A mask may only be removed if you are alone in a space that can be isolated by closing a door. (This is how the district operated prior to July 1, 2021.)


Outdoors (Unchanged): Students, staff, volunteers, and visitors are not required to wear a face covering outdoors. Physical distancing should continue with at least three feet of distancing when possible.


We are continuing to monitor the guidance and will update all stakeholders with changes. Returning to required face masks while indoors may be disappointing and difficult, but we appreciate our community’s collective efforts to support our students, families, and staff as we prepare to return to school this fall!