Benefits Center

Benefits Center

EAP – Employee Assistance Program managed by Reliant Behavioral Health

All employees are covered under the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at no cost to each. The District pays the premiums for this great benefit. Serices include a ‘wide range of work-life balance services to help you survive a variety of challenges.’ These include legal services and forms, financial assistance, home ownership, identity theft services, and confidential counseling to name a few.


The District offers several medical, dental and vision insurance plans for you and your family. All MODA-medical, dental, vision, Kaiser-medical, dental, vision, VSP, and Willamette Dental plans are listed in this documentation from OEBB. Choose the following to get to the source of the matter:  OEBB

Monthly cost of Plans and Plan Structure

The District contributes a dollar amount each month to use towards medical, dental, vision and mandatory life insurance. We refer to this as ‘the cap.’ The cap only applies to these plans. All premiums listed are MONTHLY amounts before the District ‘cap’ is deducted. Cap is listed on your rate sheets below.


Licensed Full-Time and Part-Time

Composite Rates – Premiums are the same whether you enroll as employee only or with dependents

Licensed Rate Sheet

Classified Full-Time (6.5 – 8 hours per day)

Composite Rates – Premiums are the same whether you enroll as employee only or with dependents

Classified FT Rate Sheet

Classified Part-Time (4.0 – 6.25 hours per day)

Tiered Rates – Premiums vary depending on your selection

Employee-only, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Children, or Family

Other MEDICAL insurance?

If you are covered under another qualifying medical plan through a spouse, parent, or domestic partner, you may be eligible to OPT out of medical and receive contributions to an HRA VEBA account. (see Benefits Specialist for application)

Life Changes?

Don’t forget to update your insurance benefits when you experience a life change. Qualified events can be a marriage, birth, adoption, divorce or loss of other group coverage. You have a 31 day window to make changes. Don’t wait for Open Enrollment! Contact our Benefits Specialist.

Optional Insurance Related Plans

These plans are employee-paid. They are not covered by the cap. You will be responsible for fees associated with any optional plans you choose.

The following are guarantee issue at the time of hire or eligibility. Some restrictions apply if you later chose to pick up the coverage.

Optional Plan Overview

Additional Life Insurance          Short Term Disability(STD).         Long Term Disability(LTD)   

Long Term Care (LTC)  is guarentee issue at time of hire or eligibility –  Sponsored by UNUM and is by application only.


The District partners with PacificSource Administration for our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). They are better known as Section 125 or cafeteria plans. These optional plans are for Health Care and Dependent Care reimbursements. Information is provided on how to enroll. Enrollment is mandatory each year you wish to have an account, the District covers the administration fees for all employees that participate, and employee contributions are ‘use it or lose it.’


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are also available for those high deductible medical plans. If you chose MODA medical plan 6 or 7, or Keizer plan 3, you may choose to have money deducted from your pay each month to go into an HSA account. Employee contributions to their HSA carries over from year to year.


The District participates in the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System(PERS). In fact, at this time, the District covers all contributions to our PERS accounts. That’s right. Employees in other districts may have to pay 6% into their PERS account. BUT NOT IN LEBANON! The District contributes both mandatory employer and picks up the employee contribution as well! This is a great benefit to all of us NOW, and AGAIN when we retire!

PERS beneficiary form

Retirement Savings Plans

All District employees are eligible to make contributions to optional retirement plans. You can choose pre-tax options to help lower your taxable income, or post-tax options to cover those taxes now. Call one of our Payroll approved companies listed to set up your account. OR contact your own financial advisor to help you set up an account with one of the companies listed. It is never too soon or too late to start saving for retirement!

403b with Various Companies

457 Oregon Savings Growth Plan


Find more information in the following links. Information is effective for the 2021-2022 fiscal year

Insurance Enrollment Instructions 2021-22

Glossary – Insurance Terminology

OEBB/MODA medical, dental, and vision plans

Kaiser Medical

Kaiser Medical HSA compliant plan 3

Kaiser Dental

Kaiser Vision

Willamette Dental

VSP vision plans

The Standard STD, LTD, Life Insurance


PacificSource Administration

HRA VEBA – See benefits specialist


Rate Sheets


Classified – Full Time

Classified – Part Time

Domestic Partner