Meal Accounts & Payment

Lunches and breakfasts will be FREE at all schools during the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. 

MealTime Online

All students have computerized meal accounts that may be used to purchases full meals, entrée extras and extra milk in the campus café. Student ID may be required to purchase meals.

Make a deposit to your student’s MealTime Account.

Student Meal Prices

  • All Grades Breakfast: FREE
  • Lunch is FREE for all students at Green Acres, Pioneer, Cascades, Riverview and Seven Oak  Click here  for more information
  • Elementary Lunch (K-5): $2.25
  • Secondary Lunch (6-8): $2.50
  • High School Lunch (9-12): $2.75
  • Reduced Price Lunch: FREE
  • Adult Meal: $3.90

Account deposits may be made prior to school and during the breakfast meal service. Checks may be deposited in a students account IN FULL only – sorry, we do not allow cash back. All returned checks may be subject to a $25 service fee.

Account Balances are available through the School Nutrition Services upon request. Written and emailed notices will be available to students notifying households of a low meal account balance. You may also sign up through to view student lunch account history and balance information. Deposits may also be made online.

Meal Charges

  • Every LCSD student is eligible to receive a meal at school.
  • A meal account for all students is established with the District. Households are expected to pre-pay for meals. This can be done in the school cafeteria, in the Nutrition Services Office or online at
  • Students who do not have funds will be allowed to charge meals. The cost or balance of the received meals are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Students will not be allowed to charge a la carte menu items or seconds. This includes a carton of milk.
  • Charging limits may be set by the parent or guardian and must be submitted in writing to the Nutrition Services Office.
  • LCSD may pursue payment through a collection agency if payment is not received in a reasonable time frame.
  • Adults will not be allowed to charge meals.

Procedures for Notifying Parents of Account Balances

  • Parents or guardians can inquire directly with the cafeteria about their account balances.
  • Parents or guardians can see their student balances, create alerts and make deposits to their student account online. Please visit to register for your free account.
  • Automated phone calls will be made daily to alert parents and guardians of negative account balances.
  • Emails will be sent weekly from Meal Time by Nutrition Services Office to notify parents of negative balances.
  • A phone call or email call may be made to the parent or guardian from the Nutrition Services Office. Nutrition Services staff will make at least two attempts to contact the parent or guardian to offer payment options and recommend that an application for meal benefits be filled out.