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Transportation Staff

Maggi Estes
Transportation Director
Phone: 541-259-8931
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Nicky Dirks
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 541-451-8485
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To review state regulations for students riding public school busses:  School Bus Regulations

Due to COVID restrictions, available space on buses is limited.  Students MUST be signed up to ride the bus.  Please email the Transportation Department directly to sign your student up for the bus.  The bus routes have changed, so please visit your school webpage to locate your student’s bus route information or contact the Transportation Department directly.

Bus Routes

The District’s school and bus route information is available using Infofinder, an interactive, online bus route finder:

  • Find Your Route (Infofinder)

How it works: Enter your address and zip code to obtain bus stop information and hit “Search”. The address must be complete, including house number, pre or post-direction, street name and street type for the stop information to be displayed. For example, if you live at 123 Community St., you would enter 123 SE Community St. You may also specify a particular school. If no school is selected, all schools with bus stops in your area are listed. (NOTE: P.M. bus stop times listed are approximate due to unforeseen traffic, weather, etc. Students are to be at their assigned stop at least 5 minutes before the posted times.) If you live in an outlying area and did not have a student from your household riding the bus last year, Infofinder may not be able to identify a route, please contact the Transportation Office at 541-451-8485 and we will be happy to assist you.

Print options: Click the printer icon printer next to the school name to print bus stop information. To print a list of routes, schools and/or an area map, print the page directly from your browser.

Notifications: You can also register to receive notifications sent out by the Transportation Department. Go to “Register for Notifications” and complete the required fields and hit “Submit”.

If you cannot locate your bus stop or have any questions, please call Transportation at 541-451-8485.

*Only Bus stop location information is provided. No individual student information is available.

The School Bus Route listings are abbreviated A.M. routes and do not cover all stops. Pick up times are approximate, so students should be at their stops at least 5 minutes before scheduled pick up time, even sooner the first week of school. Because of time restraints it is impossible for the drivers to stop at each home to see if the student is going to school that day. Students must be out at their stop to be seen by their bus driver. After the first couple of weeks the pick-up time will stabilize, but do remember that weather, traffic and many other factors can affect the pick-up times for each student.