Facilities Bond

July 6, 2021

Lebanon Community Schools is reaching out to community members about a bond to renovate, remodel and repair some of its facilities. The school district will be conducting a survey in the near future and we hope that you will participate.

Our facilities are a source of pride and use by the entire Lebanon community. For example, the community pool (owned by the school district and operated by the Lebanon Aquatics District) provides important recreation opportunities and life-saving skills for all ages. Facilities, like the pool, represent a significant investment for our community, and now require larger maintenance projects.

The state provides revenue for student instruction and day-to-day operations. However, a voter-approved bond is the primary source of funding a school district has for major repairs and renovations.

Interest rates to borrow money are currently at historic lows. These capital projects also qualify for an additional $4-8 million in state matching funds if a bond is approved. Funding would be used to renovate the community pool, add space for preschool programs, replace school roofs and HVAC systems, remodel kitchen facilities, and improve security systems.

Quality schools and facilities have attracted families, businesses and investment to Lebanon. Maintaining these facilities is important to student achievement, a strong local economy, and high quality of life. We appreciate you taking time to participate in the survey when it is available.