Volunteer at Lebanon Community Schools!

Thank you for your interests in volunteering at your child’s school! Volunteers bring enthusiasm, great ideas and experience into our schools each day and we appreciate the support!

To protect the safety and welfare of the children, Lebanon Community School District conducts criminal history background checks on all volunteers/coaches and “At Will” employees. Volunteers are required to complete the online background check and receive approval from the district office:

Please complete ALL required fields and submit when finished. Your form is automatically forwarded to the Lebanon Community School District’s Human Resources Department, who will submit the information to Criminal Information Services INC (CRIS). All information will be handled confidentially.

If you have already completed the background check contact your school directly to verify it has not expired as background checks are valid for three school years.

If you have any questions regarding this district process, please contact us at 541-259-8972.

Thank you!

Volunteer Information and Forms