Payroll Center

Payroll Center

Of course, everyone LOVES getting paid! Payroll is much more than your pay check. We coordinate with our Benefits Specialist and Human Resources on a continual basis. Your deductions and benefits, leave accounting, time card entry, STD/LTD/FMLA calculation/deduction all run through this center.

Most frequently asked in Payroll: What is my hourly rate? When is PAYDAY? Here are your resources for both!

Important Forms

Direct Deposit

  • Easiest way to receive your pay. No waiting by the mailbox on payday!
  • Changing accounts? Closing accounts? Don’t forget to notify us!

W4s –  We are not tax attorneys or financial consultants. We cannot advise you on filling out your W-4s. 

Leave Information

Per contract – awarded upfront, and is pro-rated for late start or terming prior to fiscal year end

Bereavement Leave

Ivisoins Web Portal 

Our software system gives all employees access to the web portal. Information contained in these pages is also readily available in the portal as well. Employees can access Health Care links, Benefits and Insurance, Reimbursements, Payroll, Human Resources, and Business information. Employees can find pay stubs, W-2s, leave information detailing dates and times taken, salary schedules, as well as a variety of other documents and links. Login to the portal from home, through the Lebanon Home Page, or from the District Shortcuts Folder.